In-game hitting mindset to teach your hitters. For young players, you will have to help them with each of these until eventually they begin to do them on their own.

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  • Get an idea of the pitcher’s windup technique and speed of delivery, as well as the time they take between pitches. This can be done by watching a pitcher’s pregame bullpen warm up and before inning warm-ups.
  • Learn the speed of the pitcher’s fastball and arm angle, along with any off-speed pitches they have.
  • Be observant of the pitcher’s control, especially of their off-speed pitches. Many pitchers have difficulty throwing strikes with off speed pitches and batter must know this beforehand so they avoid swinging at outside the strike zone pitches.
  • Keep an eye on how the pitcher is working to other hitters in the lineup, especially similar hitters to them.
  • Similarly, recognize if a lot of ground balls or fly balls are being hit, which may give a clue to how the pitcher is throwing,
  • Players should learn to visualize themselves up to bat before even leaving the dugout to hit.
  • Use the on-deck circle to get a feel for the rhythm of the pitcher and should visualize himself taking a beautiful swing at a good pitch.
  • When walking up to the plate, players should review their personal hitting strengths and weakness to help them keep their game hitting strategy.
  • When up to bat, players should trust their swing and plan and focus on the ball and timing of it only.

Finally, players should congratulate themselves when they have done the above no matter the outcome of the at-bat.