How to use and understand hitting drills

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Points to Remember about the Hitting Drills suggested in this class:

About hitting drills:

  • They are an avenue to understanding a necessary hitting action and way to bring about a move quicker than without the drill.
  • Understand that there is no one perfect hitting drill that solves all problems, but the totality of them will help develop understanding and performance in time.
  • There is a reason behind every drill, and the better a player can perform it, the better the swing action in the long run.
  • Teach players to accept the challenge of the drills they find the most difficult. Overcoming obstacles (difficult moves) gives players a sense of accomplishment and a sign of progress. As a player performs a drill with ease, move to the next set.
  • Perform different drills at each session to avoid boredom.
  • Find a go-to drill that always seems to bring out good swings in hitters. That is the one to use when players seem to lose their swing or their confidence.
  • Film players performing a drill to show them the move you want them to do with their regular swing and use the video to compare that to film of their normal swing.
  • Remember to have players do a drill 8 to 10 times before trying the swing without it.
  • Ask players why you have them do a drill, which once again in time, will further their understanding of hitting a ball.
  • Make notes of past practices to keep up on what you have done each session.

Finally, as always, have patience. One thing I’ve learned over the years, each player’s body works different. What appears to be easy movements, are not for everyone.